The Branding & Marketing Intensive™

6-Week program

(LIVE trainings, Group Coaching & 1:1 Support)

Do you offer an amazing service (or product), but you feel overlooked?  

Is it difficult to find new clients? And generate consistent revenue?

Are you longing for a 6-figure business helping clients you love?

Are you proud of your bio? Does it accurately describe you?  

Does it capture who you are, what you stand for and how you do business?

Do you believe you’re ‘missing something’ where your marketing is concerned?    

Do you wish you had a mentor to give
you personalized feedback to move the needle in your business?  

I understand your struggle and I KNOW things can be different for you.

Let me & my team personally help you in our ‘hands-on, get-it-done’ virtual intensive.


Branding is one of THE most misunderstood aspects of business today.

And yet it’s the FOUNDATIONAL element to effective marketing (bar none) (meaning: if you’re marketing without a ‘dialed in’ brand, you WILL struggle)

Regardless of your industry or your niche, the market is flooded, overwhelmed with so many choices. 

But they’re drowning in a sea of ‘sameness.’ (You seen it too, right?)

So many look alikes. Copy cats. Trying to ‘be’ someone else.   

Instead of standing out. 

“How can I stand out” you ask?  

The answer: 
Build a compelling & irresistible brand 
that has your ideal clients begging to work with you!

Not sure how to create a personal brand?

That’s where I come in!

You CAN build your dream business. Let me show you how.  

Introducing . . .

The Branding & Marketing Intensive™

6-Week program

(LIVE trainings, Group Coaching & 1:1 Support)

6 LIVE Trainings with me! 

what you'll get...

Personally connect with me + the other women participants, all committed to success. Each training is jam-packed with everything you need to know about Branding and Marketing, including: what is branding? why is branding important? how is a brand developed? what makes you unique? what is your ‘unique genius’? what is storytelling? how to create a compelling brand? how to identify your ideal client (& so much MORE!)

A 1:1 Branding & Marketing Strategy Call with me! 

Here’s your opportunity to have 30 minutes with me to focus on YOU and your business. I’ll review your branding & marketing and offer advice on how to tweak things so you stand out! We’ll talk about your ideal client as well as your vision to ensure your messaging is as compelling as possible.

2 LIVE Q&A Group Coaching Calls with me! 

During our 6 weeks together, we’ll come together twice for Group Coaching. This is YOUR time…ask me anything! PLUS you’ll have the opportunity to sit on ‘the HOT seat’ to go deep on YOUR branding. That’s right, everyone will mastermind about YOUR branding to move you forward. Powerful time together in community & sisterhood!

A Written Assessment of Your Website, Facebook Business Page, Instagram Bio & LinkedIn Profile.  

You don’t need more information. You need transformation. That requires support. And that’s exactly what you’ll get during our time together. You won’t learn ‘theory’ . . . you’ll learn actionable strategy and practice applying that strategy to your business. Following the conclusion of the Program, I’ll review your website and social media and provide a written assessment, offering my best advice as to how to tweak your branding and marketing to make them compelling. (This will take approx. 2 hours of my time for each participant . . . but this is what will make this Program the most comprehensive & impactful branding & marketing training you could take this year!

Lifetime Access to our Branding & Marketing Refresh Community.

In our private Facebook group, you’ll be part of a supportive and inspiring community of ambitious Christian women ready to launch or scale their business. You’ll have the opportunity to build meaningful relationships and receive feedback from your peers. (& from me!) No more feeling alone in your business!

AND, because I want to set you up for the most success possible, I’m also including these special bonuses when you enroll:

BONUS #1: Copywrite Session with A Very Special Guest Expert. 

We sat down with one of THE best professional copywriters in the world and captured such great insight on writing compelling copy – whether blog posts, social media captions or other headlines. (You’ll walk away super inspired . . . you can do this!)  

BONUS #2: Time Management Training. 

Time management is a struggle for virtually everyone. But especially busy women juggling entrepreneurship & family responsibilities. Hear from an award-winning industry thought leader. It’s time to take control of your calendar!

In short, you’ll get all this when you enroll in this special (limited time only) program:
◦ 6 In-Depth Branding & Marketing Trainings
◦ A 1:1 Strategy Session with Me!
◦ 2 LIVE Q&A Group Coaching Calls with Me!
◦ A Written Assessment of Your Online Presence 
◦ Exclusive Lifetime Access to our Private Facebook Community

◦ BONUS Copywrite Training 
◦ BONUS Time Management Training 

This is an incredible value!


Watch these testimonials from several ladies who have gone through the Branding & Marketing Intensive!   

Here’s what others have to say

Let me ask you a question . . .

How much money do you want to make this year in your business? Write that number down.

Now imagine hitting that goal. And making more next year. And generating even more revenue the following year. 

If you were able to ‘dial in’ your branding & marketing
– creating a truly memorable, compelling message that resonated with your ideal client – how much MORE revenue would you be able to generate that you’re missing out on right now?

$10,000? $25,000? $100,000? $300,000?

And . . . how would this change your life? Think about it. What problems would simply go away?


Can you stop being that best-kept secret (and transform MORE people’s lives)?

Will you have the time freedom & flexibility to have fun with your family (and go on that vacation you’ve been longing to take)?

Will this extra income reduce the financial stress of both you and your spouse (and will this reduction in stress actually help make your relationship stronger & better)?

Can you leave your 9-5 job where you feel unappreciated and underpaid (and actually do what you’re meant to do each and every day)?

Are you tired of settling for a ‘ho-hum’ mediocre life (knowing – deep down – that God has a better plan for you)?

I have big goals for our work together. I want this Intensive Program to change your life!

And I want to offer you an incredible opportunity . . . one you’d be crazy to say no to.


I’m looking for 24 ladies committed to ‘rolling up their sleeves’ to get their branding DONE! 

Why did I create the ‘Branding & Marketing Intensive’? The answer is simple ...

I’m committed to over-delivering for you and
radically transforming your business & your life.

Because when that happens 
(and you’re doing the thing you love AND you’re
making more money than ever before) 
you’ll become a client for life.

You’ll feel a sense of pride and accomplishment that you’ve never had before . .

You’ll feel excited for your bright future and all the amazing things that are possible for you . . .

You’ll feel fulfilled because you made a powerful decision to invest in yourself so you can transform your God-given passion into your dream business . . .

You’ll feel at peace, knowing you went ‘all in’ to build your business so you could reach your full potential (and do the work & make the huge impact that God has called you to do) . . .

There’s no reason to stay frustrated and stuck in your business. 
There’s an easier way – and it’s within your reach.

Let me and my team show you how to grow to 6-figures, so you can do what you love every day, help more people than ever before and create a life that brings you joy and allows you to live the extraordinary life we’re meant to have in Christ.

My vision for you is BIG!
And I know how to get you there.

I’m EXCITED for you and for all that God has for you!

I'm interested!


I’m looking for 24 ladies committed to ‘rolling up their sleeves’ to get their branding DONE! 

I'm Ready!

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