Keep It Simple

Isn't it amazing how God works? My life has had lots, and I mean loottttssss, of twists & turns (Let's meet over coffee sometime and I'll share all the details.) Some were beautiful. Others not-so-beautiful. But everything for a purpose.

Through it all, I've learned that we tend to over-complicate things. By overthinking. By overdoing. By setting unrealistic expectations, on ourselves and others. And sometimes by reading things into situations that aren't really there. (Ya know what I mean?)

It's time to simplify.
It's time to end the overwhelm. It's time to take control. It's time to take decisive action, step by step. It's time to get more done (not just be 'busy), time to have fun doing it (otherwise, why bother?) and time to make more money (it's not a sin to have a great income; in fact, the more you make, the more you can give).  

Every day I work with ambitious women of faith who are ready to bring their dream business to life. Their heart's desire is to positively impact people's lives, those they can't wait to serve. They're ready to make the money they deserve (typically 6 or 7 figures). They long to make their families proud. And, above all, they seek to bring honor to God (whose grace & love have so powerfully impacted them).  

If you're ready to bring YOUR business dreams to reality, let's connect!

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My clients create their dream business & a lifestyle of joy, generosity & freedom.  A life well lived!

Simply & Beautifully

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Bible study

(I love seeing them grow into strong men of Christ)

my favorite things

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my favorite things

digging in the dirt

(also known as "gardening" :)

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my favorite things


(well by age (17-30) they're men... but they'll always be my boys)

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my favorite things

vintage flea market finds for my home

(the more distressed & lived in the better)

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my favorite things

chocolate, french fries & ice cream

(sometimes all together... yum!)

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my favorite things

walking on the beach with my hubs

(the beach is my 'happy place')

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my favorite things

all things french

(ooh la la... it's in my DNA)

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my favorite things


(what can I say? I'm an 80s girl)

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my favorite things

getting together with extended family

(crazy, loud chaotic get togethers are the absolute best)


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"JUDY's a phenomenal coach, teacher, cheerleader & friend. With her help, I've been able to cut through the overwhelm, eliminate thoughts that were holding me back and take steps to finally get my business going! Dreams CAN come true."

- Samantha, Online Biz Owner

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Smart business strategy that works. And allows me to stand firm in my faith in Christ. I'm making things happen in my business... 6 figures, here I come. Thank you JUDY!

- Gina, Health Coach


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After just a couple weeks I'm already learning so much from JUDY. Love her approach & her teaching style. She really cares about her clients and it shows in everything she does.  

- Patty, Digital Educator & Biz Owner


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I've worked with business coaches before but none 'get me' like JUDY does! After just 3 months, I've doubled my income. And have more time for my family. I had no idea scaling my business would happen so quickly...and that getting there would actually be enjoyable.

- Jeanette, Confidence & Mindset Coach


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If you're committed to success, nothing can stop you. No matter what the naysayers say. No matter what happened in your past.

I've suffered tragedies in my past but always bounced back to greater things. You can too -- if you really want to and are willing to stretch yourself beyond your comfort zone & do the work!  

I'm the coach that will bring everything together for you. So things can finally happen for you, in your business & your life. No more talk without action. No more excuses. No more apologies for dreaming big. No more holding back.  

I see you. You're ready to go 'all in'. To learn the who, what, where, when & how of building a business & a life of your dreams!  

I've been where you are and I want to help you get where I am -- the CEO of a thriving business, making waaaaaaayyyy more money than I did as a trial lawyer and living a life of joy & freedom. (Yes, girl....it IS possible!)

Hey girl, I'm so excited you're here! 'Cause that means you're ready to launch (or scale) a heart-centered, faith-based business. And, most importantly, you're ready to take action on that big dream to bring it to life....and make a BIG impact on the world! 

I love helping ambitious women -- just like YOU -- realize your true potential, tap into your awesomeness & bring your dream biz to life! That's my giftedness from God & my absolute joy.  

Around here, YOU are the 'star'! You are the very reason this business exists. And teaching you how to build (or scale) your business to a level of success beyond what you imagined or thought possible (Ephesians 3:20.....one of my all-time fave verses) is what makes me jump out of bed every morning.

So....who am I? Well, professionally I'm a former trial lawyer, in-house counsel & recovering perfectionist (anyone else a 'type A', over-achiever type personality?). 

But before I share my heart & my story, here's what I need you to know:

I believe in YOU! 



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Though I'd been raised in the church as a young girl, it wasn't until I was nearly 40 years old when I got to know Jesus Christ as my Lord & Savior. I still remember when the lightbulb went off and I (finally) saw how the words of the Bible were relevant today and Christ's teachings began to impact my thoughts and actions every day.

My Testimony

Ever since I was a little girl, I felt like I was born to do a 'big thing' in the world (I bet you have that feeling too). I came from what I affectionately call 'poor stock' (aka modest means) -- dad was a factory worker and mom stayed at home. It wasn't until well into my 40s that I realized just how wise my parents were, despite their lack of formal education.

I was always driven to achieve and worked to excel in everything I did. My goal was always to be the best. I did well in school and became the first in my family to go to college, majoring in music education. (I always wanted to be a lawyer but at the time I believed that 'people like me' didn't become lawyers (a limiting belief I held - thankfully - for only a short while.) After college I married my high school sweetheart...but the fairytale didn't last long as I soon fell victim to domestic violence and abuse. Through that dark time, God was at work. In fact, I have an amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing God story about how He called me out of that life -- with a fatal head-on collision involving a drunk driver (if you wanna hear the details, feel free to reach out and let's chat).   

Since graduating from college I'd worked in sales (a lack of music teacher positions forced me to expand my options). I loved sales (great money, freedom, etc.). But one day, as I left a sales call with a not-very-impressive-lawyer, I decided to switch gears career-wise and pursue law school, saying: "If that guy can pass the bar, so can I." (Side note & encouragement: did I have doubts? of COURSE! Was I scared? for sure! But I was more committed to my success than to my excuses. I went for it with all I had and, after putting in the hours and the work, I came out on top.) 

I went to Villanova Law School, was invited to be a member of the Law Review, got published, graduated in the top 10 of the class and got a great job with a major firm in the Philadelphia area. I got married to a guy I met at law school (no...not another lawyer) and had 3 beautiful boys (now ages 17, 20 and 22). After I had my first child, the 'partnership track' at the firm no longer appealed to me (....it simply cost too much, requiring too much time away from home). After my third child, I decided to leave the practice of law to stay home and raise my boys. (I had no idea what I was in for. Handling 3 active boys under 6 all day is harder than my toughest day in the courtroom!)

While being home with my boys kept me busy, I soon felt restless . . . like I was made for more (do you know what I mean? have you ever felt that way?). I felt guilty about my feelings (I so appreciated the opportunity to be able to stay home with my boys. And I absolutely treasured every moment I got to spend with them. Nevertheless, I kept feeling pulled . . .) After much prayer, I realized there was no need to feel guilty. (Romans 8:1) I could be a good mom and pursue my passion (Remember: the woman in Proverbs 31 did it all, as her children call her blessed and her husband praises her.)  

So I launched my very first business. Building a business from nothing was not easy and I definitely struggled in the beginning. (This was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy before the Internet and social media!) But I refused to give up. I persevered and, over the years, learned a LOT. Ultimately my determination and stay-with-itness paid off. (Did you know that drive & attitude are the 2 biggest differentiators between those that 'make it' and those that don't?)

My Story

From a Little Girl's Dream to This Woman's Vision

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Life in those years was far from perfect. I mean, they were tough! My marriage was falling apart. We divorced and, suddenly, I was a single mom with three young boys -- yikes, did I feel the pressure. I made the difficult decision to return to the law (I knew I would miss being my own boss but, at the time, the benefits and steady paycheck seemed too good to pass up). Fast forward several years. I got remarried and a unique career opportunity presented itself -- Director of Human Resources & General Counsel of an international company. It seemed too good to pass up so I went for it.

Long story short, I VERY much enjoyed that job. I led an amazing team and was blessed to work with true powerhouse exeutives from every department as well as outside business leaders. But no job is perfect and when my twin sister (& lifelong best friend) came to me and asked if I was interested in 'jumping ship' and going into business with her, I couldn't say no.

So while she was finishing up her prior business gig, I devoted myself to building that business from the ground up. I worked looooooooooooooooonnnggg days (& nights) to build: a social media following of over 40,000, including a Facebook group of nearly 25,000 women across the world and generate a multiple 6 figure revenue in less than 12 months! We also hosted and put on a national event where nearly 500 women attended. Major success. And it was clear that God's hand was all over the business, resulting in exponential growth. (In fact, I have soooo many 'God stories' to share on He showed up to make both the big and not-so-big things happen.)

The crazy success of that business catapulted my desire to begin this venture. A business that is 100% my vision. A business where I can be completely 'me' and do things my own way; no need to ask anyone's permission. A business that allows me to give my very best to fellow sisters in Christ, destined for great things.

I'm passionate about helping women embrace their awesomeness, identify their God-given genius & take strategic action to turn their passion into a profitable business -- quicker and easier than they ever thought possible!

Are you ready to fulfill God's plan for your life by building the dream business He placed on your heart? Are you ready to work smarter with proven strategies that will give you control of your business (instead of your business controlling you)? Are you ready to stop the overwhelm and do business God's way? 

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